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images I was teaching in church some time ago about the economy of faith and its attendant effect on the economies of space, time, nature, man and evaluation exness.
It’s amazing from the scriptures how faith can influence nature, man, evaluations and everything. In every environment for instance, there are limitations. So if man’s well being is derived absolutely from his environment, he is limited by time and space.
We are saying in every environment there are things that are tagged impossible exness trade, like the red sea for the children of Israel. But, by faith, the children of Israel crossed the Red sea. They broke limitations imposed by the presence of the red sea in their environment or again limitations created by the fact the science at that time could not provide them with vessels and liners to cross the red sea, but faith did. So in every environment there are limitations due to what is present e.g. the red sea, and there are limitations due to what is lacking e.g. technology…but no matter what by faith we can cross all limitations.
Faith is the line joining people of equal significance. The father of faith Abraham was an idol worshipper who crossed from the other side to God’s side and became the friend of God. It does not matter where you are today cross to this side of faith and let’s see again the walls of Jericho crumbling exness trading.
This day I say HAVE FAITH IN GOD!tbclogo

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