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John 3 vs. 27 ??A man can receive only what is given to him from heaven?


Hello friend! Am so excited to share this life changing truth with you. Please take another good look at the scripture above and think about it for a while. What a stress relieving capsule it can be to you when you understand that things only happen in your life simply because it has been permitted from above. The Contemporary English Version puts it in a simpler way: ??No one can do anything (including the devil) unless God in heaven allows it? Just see how powerless and helpless a man can be when heaven says ?NO? to something he wants so desperately. Friends, if it is not permitted up there, it cannot happen down here. Use your life as an example. Think of all you?ve achieved, all God has blessed you with, all He did not bless you with, all you?ve succeeded at and those you?ve failed at. They all have God?s final signature on them. The devil can only wage a war God allows him to, take the story of Job for an example. No matter how evil and rebellious the devil might seem, God is still the boss you know. God is almighty and greater than all things; living or non-living, mortal or spirits, demons or principalities, all things are under him. If he says ?YES? to a particular thing, who can say ?NO? to it. If God refuses to give you something, who else can give it to you?

Therefore friend, when you?ve done all you can in life, remember you need Heaven?s approval else it won?t just work. You have no power of your own to achieve anything no matter how hard you work except God gives it to you. If God doesn?t give it, a man will just keep chasing it and never get it. Do not place confidence in your own ability to get things done. Get God?s signature on it by placing it before him in prayer and you find yourself accomplish much with little or no effort. God Bless You.

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